What makes you pick up and read a particular book? Cover design? Topic? Reputation of the author? While these factors are important; the most crucial factor is the reviews!

Remember, the age old saying “A book cannot be judged by its cover”?

A book review is an evaluation of a book depending upon personal taste. It is a type of literary criticism in which the content matter, approach and merits or demerits are analyzed. Some reviewers take this opportunity to propagate their thought on the topic while others generally summarize the topic.

Writing a book review seems to be an undervalued scholarly activity for many. Ironically, publishing a research work or an article is of the high regard in most of the universities worldwide, but they lack far behind in critically reviewing them. But it is a proven fact that nobody can advance their knowledge without reading, critically analyzing and discussing the most recent topic published in a book.

Following are the reasons why you should always look for a review before buying a book:

Firstly, you might know that most of the educational institutions rely upon the reviews of the book before including them in their curriculum.

Here in lies the essence of a review!

Suppose, you want to buy an arithmetic book. Going through the quick reviews online, you can have a rough idea about the chapters included, their explanations, whether there are a good number of practice exercises etc.

Secondly, reading reviews make you a budding writer.

When someone is reading the reviews of a book; he or she is taking the critics from an author. Subsequently one can avoid such flaws in their future works. In fact, reading and writing a review is a part of being a pro-writer!

Thirdly, reading reviews helps you to understand the widely accepted and known criteria.

These criteria can be particularistic, like the readers did not like the use of words, jargons etc. or professionally irrelevant like the poor versions, less number of chapters etc.

Nevertheless, reading reviews also help in modeling the important behavior of citizenship.

Looking the reviews, you can keep yourself abreast of the new thoughts and ideas that are circulating among other readers. Reviews serve as filters in the management of knowledge and help to make knowledge dissemination more successful.

Finally, book reviews provide a time-efficient and condensed discussion of possible ideas.

Reading a review is analogous to have a critical discussion with a subject matter expert. In the fields of science and technology, reviews are the essential source of evaluation for emerging scientific trends.

Never to say, but reviews are not always real! According to a study of Harvard Business School, 20 per cent of the “Yelp” reviews are fake. So it is still advisable to use common sense and make appropriate choices.

It is also advised to develop the practice of writing reviews. Writing a report may be a matter of minutes, but it mainly helps those people who swap the pages of a book in the library for long hours.

So, happy reviewing and happy reading!