Even ten years ago, the idea of having tablets in most middle or high school classrooms for students seemed unthinkable. But now it is becoming the reality, especially in more well-funded districts.

Most students are delighted. Who doesn’t love technology, especially kids?

But are tablets helpful, or do they hinder students? Here is an exploration of how tablets are changing the education landscape.

Teachers Must Evolve

Students are not going to perceive any difference in how they are learning if teachers are unwilling to embrace technology. Many teachers are still stuck in the mindset that technology is a nuisance.

Other teachers have methods they have cultivated over decades. They are closer to the end of their career than the beginning, which means they are not too eager to innovate.

Studies from countries such as Belgium have noted that some students are unhappy with how their teachers refuse to integrate computers and tablets into the teaching process.

Promote Better Learning and Engagement

Teachers who are willing to take chances, innovate and embrace technology are seeing good results. These teachers are able to successfully merge tablets into their teaching methods.

Tablets allow for more interesting and interactive assignments. It also means that teachers can deliver information from a variety of reputable sources to students. Instead of needing to print long documents or buy extra text books, it is just a matter of pointing students to a web page or PDF file.

Interactive Learning

Much like everyone else who uses the internet, students prefer to learn through interactive means. When they can watch videos, listen to audio files or interact with web pages, they are more likely to take an interest in a topic.

For instance, students who are learning biology could view a video that accompanies the chapter they are studying. The video would condense the information and explain it in visual terms, which is helpful to students who have a hard time following written concepts.

Books and Homework on the Go

Remember when students had to carry backpacks full of books, notebooks and paper for each class? Now they can have their textbooks and homework on a tablet which is ready to go with them.

Students can continue their schoolwork on the bus, sitting at the dining table at home or in bed. They can do all of that from a single device. Of course, the same could be done with traditional books and paper, but it is a lot easier, lighter and less cluttered with a tablet!

Parents who went to school 15, 20 or 25 years ago may be shocked to learn that students are getting tablets when they get to a certain age.

But it is great to see educators around the world innovating. Current and future generations are growing up with technology. Kids have tablets in their hands before they learn basic math equations! Schools that are embracing this technology can only help kids learn in better and more interactive ways.