In the 21st century, the digital revolution has a robust contribution in making almost everything compact and easily accessible. With this forward-thinking idea, it is not much confounding that, books are also digitally available.

The digital age is here to stay and with a greater and greater surge of e-books, here comes the most generic debate; are e-books better than the traditional books?

Here’s a quick view to do away with this exhausting dispute.

First, take a look at the newbie!

First e-book came into market in 1998 by the Softbook and Gemstar’s Rocket eBook Reader. From then, till now, digital books have emerged to be a huge success owing to the format. Here are the following reasons for preferring e-books:

  1. Instantaneous Accessibility

E-books are darn quicker to obtain. A proper internet connection, an electronic device and few bucks (not always required though) are the elements needed to download a book instantly. An avid book lover no longer has to wait for hours or days to get access to his favourite book.

  1. Portable nature reduces storage space

An electronic gadget like a tablet or laptop can store hundreds of textbooks, without any requirement of physical storage. Now one can be a mobile library while travelling or just laying at home. Say goodbye to those dusty storage places, as they take up less space.

  1. Allows global search to find quick information

This emerging technology of e-book, allows a reader to fetch any information within a book, by using the find feature. To sum up, e-books are searchable.

  1. Eco-friendly

It is very much evident that, e-books are eco-friendly. Buying electronic books will allow readers to save trees and contribute a lot in easing the harmful effect of global warming.

  1. Cost-effective

Once e-books are published, it takes very low capital to make them available among the readers. This is a real advantage for the publishers.

Now check out the old school!

Age old physical books have been ruling over hundreds of years. The most pertinent question arrives, what make them so relevant in the current digital landscape. Read on.

  • Paper book gives a certain aesthetic touch to a reader, offering a more personal touch.
  • One can read a physical book without providing any stress to eyes, as it lacks prolonged exposure to led screen
  • Many kids and students still prefer traditional books, as it helps in long-term memory recall.
  • A slew of recent studies have shown that reading a physical book enhances multi-sensory experiences of a reader owing to tactile sensation of the book.
  • Still now, a paper book is considered to be an inexpensive gift for the loved ones.


Fondness for books is evermore for any book lover. Be it an electronically formatted or physically printed, books add volume to life.

So, one has to put an end to this exhausting debate between e-books and traditional.The suggestion is, think instinctively and opt for the one which suits you best, as both of the types are good in their own way.