A book review is a form of critical analysis of a book based on its approach to content, style, merit and also physical endurance. Reviews can be an opinion review from a primary source, summary review or scholarly review of an author’s literary works.

Books are basically reviewed for a newspaper article, blogs, social media posts or family and friends.

From the point of view of writers, reviews are of avid importance. It acts as a connecting link between the writers and its readers; who are eager to read about his work and spread the idea.

Here the few reasons, why an avid reader should always post their reviews after reading a book:

  1. Reviews don’t let others read dull books

Writing and sharing book reviews is an important service. Be it story, science fiction, literature or technology; every budding readers’ want to know about the next best book of their domain. An honest review will always help out your near and dear ones to choose the best book and they will never waste time struggling with a boring one!

  1.  Writing reviews brings out your inner author

When someone writes a book review; he or she makes the critical analysis of the book. It helps them to conclude which part of the book was excellent or terrible and also conveys its central theme. Remember, when one is doing this; he or she is judging a book from the point of view of another author. In this way, you are provoking your inner author.

  1. Creates engagement on social media

In the era of virtual marketing; social media goes hand-in-hand. Writing reviews can increase your engagement on social media platforms and your information can be passed to a larger community. Also this can increase the fan base of your favorite author!

  1. Hike in online sales

Almost 85 percent of the online users rely upon reviews before purchasing a copy of a particular book. Therefore book reviews are necessary for them to ascertain whether a particular book is up to their requirement or not. This also pushes the online sales of a publisher.

  1. Benefit for authors

The critical analysis of a book helps the authors to get a reality check. They understand the taste of readers and their likes and dislikes. Their major flaws are also highlighted. In this way, book reviews give a morale boost to the authors to frame their future works accordingly.

  1. Begetting reviews

Different readers have a different approach to a particular book. So it is like a Snowball Effect where one review begets other. With a wide variety of contradicting reviews, an author can get a better understanding of the modern trend and demand.

For readers, so many critical reviews will give a better knowledge of various aspects of a book. Accordingly, they can make a better choice if the book fits their demand or not.

Bottom line

Book reviews do not take too much time to write, but it makes a massive difference to the reading-writing community. So next time you read a book, make sure you write a review!