I’m Sebastian and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, 2010 YIB. Oh, if it wasn’t obvious enough already – I LOVE reading. Yes, it sounds cheesy and you probably think I’m weird, but reading has always been a fun, enjoyable pass time for me. Long story short – I like to read books, review them and post my thoughts on this blog. I’m not sure how many people will read my posts, but this is a hobby for me so whether or not people read my posts isn’t a big issue to me.

My girlfriend hates the fact that sometimes I would rather just read a book instead of going to the movies. But hey, you can’t blame me – this is a serious hobby for me! I know there are thousands of book lovers around the world too, so I hope you’ll be able to connect with my thoughts.

As well as book reviews, I also write posts related to Education in the Modern Society. This is a subject that has always fascinated me, and this blog allows me to express my thoughts freely. Any questions, just send me a message. I’ll be sure to reply (providing I’m not busy reading a book, LOL!)